Current Projects & Awards

  • Gabriel Nderitu of the Kenyan Home Made Plane Project has been contacted and a Level 0 - Project Initiation Award granted in October 2013.
  • Visit Gabriel Nderitu's Website UPENDO here
    • Ground testing of the manned aircraft
    • Testing of the unmanned drone- working out ground steering problems
          Gabriel Nderitu- Working Progress, still in initial stages. Gabriel is working to correct the deficiency identified in the test. Will be back


3rd Attemp with 2 aircrafts, currently working to correct deficiency identified from test

We are currently following a few of the projects listed in the   Potential Projects In The Community page  .

Four Levels of awards, sponsorship and prizes are available for Projects that we follow. These awards and prizes are as follows:

Level 0 - Basic Recognition Prizes
 - This is a Project Initiation Basic Recognition Award for projects that are still in initiation stage but which show potential for further development. It is an entry level award.

Level 1 Grants
-This is for projects that have or may have a particular purpose beyond the merely innovative.
Level 1 grants is awarded for projects that have fulfilled initial promise and lived up to our initial expectations. These  projects  are likely to have commercial, educational, industrial or practical appeal of some kind.
The expectations attached to a level 1 grant are more rigorous and in order to be considered for a level of grant, a Project must :-
  •  have moved beyond initiation stage.and have been awarded a level 0 prize already;
  •  make an request for consideration for level 1 grant.
    • The request must contain a written plan and clear statements outlining in detail the purpose of the project, expected benefits to the community, future goals, aspirations and developmental prospects envisaged
    • Clear key performance indicators and evaluation metrics for attainment of stated goals and objectives
Level II Award
 - With few exceptions, this is essentially a business development award to aid Projects that have attained all the goals and objectives outlined by a project upon award of a level 1 grant. These are projects that must have possible commercial, educational, practical or some kind of utility value to the community. In order to be eligible for a Level II award, the project must:
  • have secured a level 1 grant and attained all the goals enumerated at level 1
  • Provide a business plan or community development proposal
  • Indicate an interest in a partnership or joint venture program with !Africa!Think!
  • Most projects will not reach this level as !Africa!Think! is not primarily interested in commercial activities, however if a project shows exceptional promise in this direction, the possibility of a commercial partnership may be explored.

Level III - Partnership Investment Award
This is the highest level of involvement possible and it is for exceptional projects that have satisfied all the requirements of previous levels (0 - II). !Africa!Think! would be proud to and grateful for the opportunity to invest in and partner with  projects that will benefit the community in some way.

Prospective  or Possible Award
  • Another project is currently under consideration for sponsorship
    • We are currently conducting preliminary interviews and discovery with Ifemi Felagha
    • Please read an article below about the project and preliminary interview being conducted with Ifiemi Felagha, the builder of the Bayelsa Plane Project listed in the Potential Projects In The Community .

Ifiemi Felagha.mp4

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